To continue your success into this crowded online space you are going to need more than a great looking website we create for you. You’re going to need an online marketing strategy to target solicitors, organisations and the public who need your Chamber services.

WEB think there is a gap between how law firms perceive themselves and how they are perceived by their clients. That can cause lost opportunities - WEB uses customer insights and data to close that perception gap.

As part of our offer WEB provide branding for barristers, lawyers and legal organisations. WEB is built on a different model - positioning our clients for the best possible results with a complete marketing and design service.

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Branding and websites for Barristers’ Chambers

  • Do you need a new website for your Barristers’ Chamber that gets you more clients?
  • Do you need help with your Chambers' social media?
  • Do you need a brand refresh and new marketing material for your Barristers’ Chamber?

WEB Fill the gap between design, marketing, sales and business goals.


WEB offer some services to make your life easier, including;

  • Project management (including getting content from internal sources)
  • Copy writing
  • Content management system (to edit CV’s and other website content)
  • Website and social media training
  • Barristers’ Chambers secure website hosting
  • Maintenance & support
  • Logo design and marketing material. 
  • Photography

WEB understands how to engage existing and new clients - its about your people, you provide a personal service and that should be reflected on your new Barristers’ Chambers website. 

WEBs' hosting platforms are reliable and headache free. We also offer online marketing, content, and branding services. here are just a few ideas others have used:

  • CRM integration
  • Online payments
  • Event management
  • Online booking
  • Website personalisation
  • Email marketing
  • List management
  • Content marketing
  • Responsive design
  • News and blog features 

Download WEB's Essential Guide to Online Marketing 2018 for some insights into what your law firm should be considering.

Our model is different to that of a traditional agency 

WEB know it can seem daunting creating a new website for your Barristers’ Chambers, so we try to take the headache of your online business away, allowing you to get on with what you do best. Don’t worry we’ll making sure you’re in touch and decisions made are yours.

We’ll find out what you need as a Barristers’ Chamber then apply what we have learnt about how clients will use your website. 

It’s that simple.
And why shouldn’t it be?

WEB are client centric, formulating our business practices around what is best for you our clients. At the core of what we do is a transparent approach that provides Barristers & law firms flexibility and freedom of choice in their Web marketing initiatives.

Do you feel like you’ve been lost in the crowd? Does your online marketing program feel like one big exercise in throwing good money after bad? Are you ready to quit being stuck and start finding strategic ways to attract new clients online? Then, let’s get to work.

  • Custom crafted Barrister & law firms solutions
  • Transparent strategies
  • No fee exclusivity
  • No mulit-year contracts

WEB has delivered over 300 websites - we like to challenge current thinking, the way we do this is by making online businesses;

  1. Human centered Barrister & law firms websites
  2. Simple to use
  3. Beautifully designed

That makes what we create for you successful.

Web has a purpose and core values that define why we are in business, the standards we strive for and how we work for you. We have had the pleasure of working with some very successful comapnies and talented people - the most exciting part of our business is our process - it's still being refined by our clients as their customers needs change. 

Webs purpose:  To contribute significantly to your success online.

Our core values are: 
Listen, act with honesty. 
Innovate, bring new ideas. 
Seek never ending improvement.

Marketing and Brand Development.

All chambers and law firms need to understand the new generation and express clearly who they are in a way they understand. 

We work with your people through a design sprint that takes your brand above your competitors in both perception and as an online business. Effectively this is about continuing your success into the online space with a targeted online marketing strategy to those who need your services.

Your brand is a visual identity system that legal firms want to be recognised by.

Your brand will be an expression of the who you are and what you do communicated to Members, Partners, Staff and Suppliers.

WEB take care of the entire process for you. Our discovery sessions allows us to learn about your customer journeys and then produce the full set of marketing materials and presentation templates.  

WEB has been creating websites and brands since our inseption in 1995 and pride ourselves on our depth of experience and knowledge of how the legal community operates.

There are many challenges facing chambers’ and law firms in today’s shifting market. Our role is to guide your people through the changes taking place.

Remember you can learn more about our branding, digital marketing and website design services for Barristers’ Chambers by calling us 0131 454 3311 or just get in touch.


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