Design Sprint

Website challenges your customers face solved in three sessions.

In three sessions you will learn who your customers are, where they can be found and the challenges they face using your website. We work with your team on customer interviews, design, prototyping and testing with real customers.


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Put people at the heart of your design sprint

WEB start with people.

It’s essential you talk to your target audience groups and learn what their needs are and put them at the heart of the process. How else are you going to achieve a complete and enduring benefit from a design sprint.

A design sprint will deliver benefits that far outlast the sprint sessions. They will help your people look further into themselves and learn about being truly human centric to deliver great customer experiences.

Getting the most out of a design sprint

WEB take out all the hard work by advanced planning - this can take time and needs the right people, cross business representation; getting different departments working with each other on collaboration.

Not only are Design Sprints worth the effort and help you understand the challenges your customers face but you end up learning more by testing a prototype with customers. They will bring your people together and empower them to make a different.

WEB support you through each step.

Differentiate, beat your competition and get more customers.

  1. Interview your customers.
  2. Document who they are and where they can be found.
  3. Solve their challenges.
  4. Create a prototype.
  5. Test the prototype with your customers.

Strategies designed to get you customers.

If you want to know about how you can solve the website challenges your customers face solved in three sessions, we’ll be glad to help. You can call us 0131 454 3311 or just get in touch we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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