Your brand design needs to be consistant across all channels because your customers are permanently connected through a variety of channels 24-7.

Cross channel brand application is important for the simple reason that you must appear consitant to your customers at every touch point.

Your customer brand messages should be choreographed, consistent and targeted across all channels. We know your customers could experience your brand in a number of different ways;

  • at a bus stop on a mobile via social media, they’ll have a quick look and move on,
  • then again on a desktop at lunch time some days later,
  • and again in the evening on their ipad with a credit card.

Your customers expect consistant brand communications and experiences from content which is relevant to them.

WEB create a truly rewarding customer experiences across all channels because we take a wider view of how you appear across them all.

It's about a consistant approach to your brand application online - if you align your organisation to them by getting the most of Webs’ talented people, methods and systems.

Itsvery important as users experience your brand across any number of devices and channels - its one of our roles as designers to make sure your brand appears consistantly to them all.

Web also engages audiences through tactical inbound and outbound marketing activities, designed to drive visitors who want to know about you, making them valuable acquisitions rather than just casual browsers.

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