Customer interface design.

We've been designing customer website interfaces since 1995.

That might not sound odd to you, but back in 1995 you’d probably never even heard of web designers (we were very much ahead of our time). While everyone else was getting down to Blur and Oasis, we were reading up on website design and programming. 

Customer centric design principles.

Our primary concern is your site needs to satisfy the journeys and goals of your customers. We use techniques like scenario planning, customer journey planning and A B Testing to create the perfect user interface.

A few key elements...

Audience research.

Our primary concern is your site needs to satisfy the journeys and goals of your customers – whether that’s finding information, booking tickets or anything else you care to think of. We use techniques like scenario planning and customer journey planning to create the perfect user interface.

Information design.

We’re pretty experienced at this, website interfaces need to follow good information design principles and methodologies. They also need to reveal content, be engaging, consistent and easy to use. Stop yawning - this is the way to make it easy for the customer to get what they want. And that’s what you want.

Usability testing.

Our genius Human Computer Interaction specialists like nothing better than to test the size and placement of buttons, the screen colour, the typography and other visual cues for user interaction. There’s method in their madness though, because if your website is easy and natural for a person to use, we know they’re more likely buy and visit it again.

Hire the professionals. (That’s us.)

If anyone tells you web design is simple, run away - that person is probably a poodle clipper or from some other profession a million miles away from web design. Give us a call instead. Our number is 0131 454 3311 or you can use our Enquiry Form.

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