Interaction design

Interaction design is about human computer interaction and shaping your customer interfaces specifically for them and the tasks they want to perform. This is created with a goal oriented design process and focused on satisfying the needs and desires of the customers who interact with your website.

We use techniques such as animated touch feedback which confirms to your users they have been heard and that the user interface is working.

WEB works to create engaging customer experiences and generate leads with long term strategies. Our interaction design process delivers to your customers websites that are designed with humans in mind – so that they get to the information they are looking for quickly. Over the years WEB has been observing and learning about people and how they transact with products and services provides, we use this as a solid foundation for any project.

At WEB we first define who your products and services are targeting and create the right sort of  experience for them aligning success criteria to create better experiences, resulting in happy customers and a healthy business. 

Each customer group journey is detailed with anticipated content and function to achieve your goals of increased lead generation and lead conversion. This delivers value to your customers by improving understanding of their needs with measurement points across every touchpoint. 

This is why WEBs’ user interaction design service is such an asset to any ambitious company who wishes to improve its online experience and lead generation.

With our experience helping organisations maximise customer satisfaction and improve sales through websites WEB create WEB has created long term relationships with each company that has put trust in us.

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