Content Marketing 

Customer engagement

Your website attracts visitors who are already aware and engaged with your offer – it will attract more via content searches coupled with your own marketing initiatives.

To significantly increase web traffic and to make new visitors engage more deeply with you, your content needs to be part of an engagement strategy which will enhance the user experience and funnel visitors towards your various goals, be they online sales, data capture, subscriptions, donations or more.

Web are experts at getting your online presence working to its full potential. We work with you to identify your visitor segments and create content which is relevant and useful to them, funneling visitors towards the outcome you desire.

Web also engages audiences through tactical inbound and outbound marketing activities, designed to drive visitors who want to know about you, making them valuable acquisitions rather than just casual browsers.

Working with you to ensure that that results you get are specific to your organisation, Web can:

  • Develop a content strategy
  • Create content funnels towards your goals
  • Develop a social media strategy to increase and engage your online communities
  • Create content, both written and visual, for your website and social media
  • Develop email communications
  • Develop online marketing opportunities via paid search and social media advertising
  • Monitor and report

Throughout the development of any or all of these opportunities, Web will ensure that your team is fully capable of taking over their management so that you can move forward with confidence.

If you want to know how to get more customers, we’ll tell you. You can call us 0131 454 3311 or just get intouch.

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