Search engine optimisation, seo.

What’s the point in putting all that work into your website if nobody can find it?

Making your site (and your business) visible to search engines is something you need to bear in mind right from the beginning, as Google rewards well-structured, compliant websites with higher rankings and penalises poor structure and poor quality coding with lower rankings. So which would you rather have? A good listing within the search engines is generally considered to be on the first page of search results for key search terms, and we have the experience and knowledge to place your website towards the top of rankings.

Search engine marketing services.

Our search engine marketing process includes:

  • Formulating a search engine strategy to get you placed in the search engines online.
  • Tailoring a strategy according to your time and financial constraints.
  • Selecting the most appropriate key words.
  • Managing your paid listing campaigns.
  • Increasing and maintaining optimal search engine rankings.
  • Getting your site listed in the directories.
  • Updating and maintaining existing directory listings.
  • Increasing your link popularity.
  • Making changes to the web copy.
  • Delivering reports to measure success.

We deliver all or a selection of these services, depending on your site and what you need to achieve.  

On or off?

We’re called Web, so it’ll come as no surprise to hear that our aim is to promote your website. But there are many other ways to promote your site apart from search engines and directories. Offline marketing has an important part to play in publicising a website and increasing awareness of a domain name. It’s also very important to use other online methods such as email marketing to keep people coming back (one of the most effective ways of driving repeat traffic).

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