A great website starts with your clients.


We simplify your workflow, launch faster and make a significant contribution to your growth online through a website that will get you noticed.


By collaborating with your clients we create next generation websites that deliver more enquires.

We have a secret how we make sure your law firm website doesn’t produce blanks when turning visitors into revenue. It’s simple, we talk to your clients first. We learn where their problems exist and optimise dedicated pages that prompt them with what they tell us they want instead of leaving them wondering around a website with distractions they didn't ask for.

Make sense?

Here’s a few challenges we overcome for Law Firms 



Our work is used by millions of our clients users every month.


Ready for a rethink?

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To help us fine tune what we do for you we apply our learning culture and over twenty years of empirical evidence observing peoples habits on websites – you get the benefit of all that experience to draw from.

We'll simplify your workflow, launch faster and make a significant contribution to your business growth through your website.

For us it is all about your clients.











We’ve got over 20 years' experience of delivering websites, but we’d like to point out that we’re not geeks. We just wanted to clear that up straight away. Okay, everyone copied their homework from us at school. But these days it’s our brains everyone wants to pick when they need their business to do stuff that involves computers. Who’s laughing now?

We design websites for law firms, theatres, businesses, medical companies and schools... to name a few and custom designed web apps that does all the clever things you need it to. And we’re good – we’ve been at it since 1995, and what’s more we love it. In fact, we looked up the word ‘geek’ in the Oxford English Dictionary and it uses the example “a knowledgeable and obsessive enthusiast: a computer geek.”

We’re not geeks.
We’re just knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
Okay Oxford?


A track record of trust, experience and results.


Users up 85%
New users up 99%
Sessions up 84%


Users Up 133%
New Users Up 136%
Sessions Up 98%
Page Views Up 112%


Users Up 21%
New Users Up 16%
Page Views Up 109%
Session Duration Up 137%


Users Up 51%
New Users Up 75%
Sessions Up 63%
Page Views Up 26%


Sales up over 300%
Sessions up 103%
Users up 96%
Page Views 209%


Users Up 665%
New Users Up 215%
Sessions Up 252%
Page Views Up 292%



Users Up 421%
New Users Up 453%
Sessions Up 414%
Page Views Up 621%


Users Up 2,146%
New Users Up 2,291%
Sessions Up 1,709%
Page Views Up 510%

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Founded in 1995 based in Edinburghs' tech hood in Leith, WEB is a company specialising in machine learning, progressive web app's and website design for Law Firms. It's team includes design, software engineering and online marketing.

Work in progress since 1995.
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