It’s not surprising chatbot are so popular with clients because they provide access to your law practice 24 hours a day. Machine learning chatbots use powerful AI technology that can automate client and internal interactions. As part of your online offering machine learning chatbots are changing the way you not only convert new clients, but how you work with them. So, I thought I’d take you through the step by step process of how to get started creating a chatbot.

Step 1. Listen and Define

What we learn from this step sets the stage for the entire project. Your chatbot interacts directly with either internal teams or external clients. So, it’s really important to conduct research directly with them, ideally in person, if not surveys work well. Then review your analytics information and define what success looks like for your users.


  • Identify who are willing to help with interviews or surveys.
  • Follow ethical guidelines and document their challenges.
  • Pay attention to their sentiment, intent and tasks they want to perform.
  • Involve internal teams for feedback and use analytics to assist with your findings.

Some things we consideration;

  • Which procedures should be automated by the chatbot.
  • If the chatbot can provide assistance with no or minimal human interaction.
  • Your internal law practice software.

When we have an understanding of the above we can then set out the following elements of your chatbot;

  • How the conversation flows.
  • Type of language the chatbot should use; tone of voice and brand voice.
  • Integration with internal systems.

What we’d like you to do;

  1. Review, sign off typical client groups or internal users.
  2. Review, sign off their requirements.
  3. Select interviewees or people to survey.

Step 2. Invent and Prototype

In this step we create use cases, learn about your business process and define what measurements you’d like us to setup. Then we’ll develop the different pathway conversations and the tone of voice is addressed including brand messaging.


  • Solve the challenges your users face.
  • Write people focused scripts and content.
  • Develop a prototype that converts the chatbot into reality

What we’d like you to do;

  • Review and sign off features and purpose based on user requirements.
  • Sign off people focused scripts and content.
  • Calls to action sign off.
  • Tone of voice and content plan sign off.
  • Sign off final schedule.

Step 3. Test and Improve

We can now start usability & task testing along with quality assurance and accessibility evaluation. Complete any revisions and optimisation. Create feedback loop and start internal training.

Go live.                


Deploy appropriate testing and validation methods to make sure systems work well for those who use them. The final code and build step converts the vision into reality based on requirements, goals and brand experience.                             

What we’d like you to do;

  • Sign off client testing.
  • Sign off goals and feedback loop.
  • Sign off chatbots features & functions.

Ongoing training of your chatbot

Similar to any employee’s, digital workers effectiveness depends on knowledge and experience. The machine learning technology needs as much information as you can give it - training should be ongoing until it can do all the things you need it to do. With time your chatbot will develop its intelligence and be able to respond and communicate in a brand voice providing a great client experience 24 hours a day.

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