The simple answer is to use chatbots as a natural extension of what your law firm already does. Let me start by framing this for you, you may of heard of the term “digital transformation” it’s often misused.

Let me tell you why?

People talk of their fear around technology, but we discover they book holiday’s online, bank online and shop online and most recently collaborate with their work colleagues online. For sure this has made you all smarter workers but on that basis “digital transformation” happened a long time ago.

Over the years we’ve observed the most successfully adopted technologies are a natural extension of what we already do on a day to day basis. Focusing on productivity and increased profit in every day operations makes more sense than worrying about marketing terms like “digital transformation”. Keeping technology simple and doing something that’s a natural extension of what we are already do, that’s where the challenge is.

Where do you start?

This is a simple process about your law firm not wasting time on repetitive time consuming activities, so we automate activities with chatbots. This allows you to shift more of your focus towards your clients and their legal challenges.

Chatbots have a big part to play in that shift in your day to day working culture. There should be no fear of them, as chatting online is a simple extension of what we already do. This makes implementing them simple, just think about training a new member of your team, if fact we like to call them digital workers.

What can a chatbot do for your law firm?

They can be use both internally to support your teams or externally on your website to assist your clients.

Is it to improving enquires by nurturing potential clients through your website? You can do this by automating sales or screening conversations in a way that expresses’ your brand values as a law firm.

Is it used internally for smarter working, if so start by defining a work flow problem or a mundane task you’d like to replace.

You will know how you talk to clients, learn of their challenges and provide them with answers. Play these conversations back in your mind and create scripts from them. These conversations are then scripted with empathy and your law firm’s brand voice by copywriters. 

How could you use a chatbot in your Law Firm

We know technology has dehumanised commercial relationships. We now use technology to create technology which accelerates the development of new products. Combine this with what we are learning about people through analytics and behavioural studies, the results have given us chatbots with machine learning. They give us the opportunity to make online transactions seem human. We prefer to call chatbots “Digital Employees” and once they are trained, like a real person, can;

  • Facilitate your clients to buy legal services and solutions online.
  • Locate case documents with smart searches.
  • Assist with knowledge management for your internal teams.
  • Provide predictive case outcomes.

Digital Employees can have conversations with your potential clients and learn from their questions to deliver the correct answers – this has a dramatic impact on conversions and means we are getting closers to offering true customer experience, all from your mobile. 

Integrating your chatbot to internal systems

Integrating chats into your appointment calendars, practice management software or online payments and document automation tools will depend on if these systems allow for that – the chances are they will! They will generally use an application programmers interface or API.

Automate conversations that express your brand values

You will know how you talk to clients, learn of their challenges and provide them with answers. Play these conversations back in your mind and create scripts from them. These conversations are then scripted with empathy and your law firm’s brand voice by copywriters.

Testing your chatbot

Broadly speaking there is two components to this, first testing code but that’s largely done by companies like us. The second is testing with real people and observing how conversations flow, spotting any missed content or questions that had not been considered.

Improving the chatbot

Working with you we observe conversations and spot ways to improve the how your chatbot being used. This could be simple text that may need to be reviewed or when a legal representative needs to jump into the conversation. If a chatbot gets asked a question it hasn’t been trained for we add each question to the list of questions with answers for additional training.

It’s important to remember chatbots learn with supervision and just like a real person they need rules on how to respond. Once they have rules and scripts chatbots will provide a great way for your law firms to increase profits at the same time create better experiences for your clients.

If you are interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning chatbots we’d love to discuss how they can help your law firm.

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