Marketing trends to watch in 2016

You may have already made a great start to your 2016 marketing campaigns, but just in case you're still looking to make a start, we have put together some trends Web think you should consider for 2016 and beyond.

Your Mobile website optimisation will become more important than desktop Optimisation.

Last year mobile searches surpassed desktop searches - along with Mobilegeddon, Google announced mobile and desktop traffic were on relatively equal footing. We do not see this shift in browsing habits changing and feel eventually mobile traffic will be by far the more important. Desktop traffic could fade into obscurity over the next 5 years. Google claim that a desktop specific site isn’t necessary and their change to a local three-pack reflects their commitment to a "mobile" experience across all types of devices.

Digital assistants will change the way we think about search queries.

Search engines are receiving more search queries from digital assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Google Now. This is adding a to the complexity of search because spoken search queries are generally different to typed search queries - this means a whole new type of long-tail keyword queries, particularly those that mimic spoken dialogue will emerge. So in effect this trend could reward pages that contain colloquial conversational content on webpages.

Aggregated content will change the power of news and live event coverage.

We know Twitter is experimenting with a new feature called Moments which aggregates posts from live events and unfolding news stories into a single channel for people to view. It's worth noting Twitter isn’t the only platform experimenting with this technology - advanced algorithms are already able to compile news from various existing content. As a result Evergreen, opinion editorial and tutorial content as a result will rise in importance for search visibility.

Local search will get even more local.

With the onset of wearable devices and the increased sophistication of Google’s local indexes are going to lead to even more specific types of local search. Rather than identifying businesses in terms of a city or a state region, rankings could soon generate based on your street corner or neighbourhood.

Cyber threats will increase in 2016

As organisations expand their services into digital spaces so will security vulnerabilities.

The increase in Cloud adoption will fuel more targeted attacks on cloud services. We know Cyber threats are getting smarter – digital content previously stored on internal servers is now found across various devices and systems like public clouds, social media and mobile. As we have seen throughout 2015 this puts consumers, businesses and governments on alert for increased risk.

In some cases fundamental errors on the part of both service providers and consumers have contributed to security incidents. New security approaches will be needed more than ever in the wake of advances in modern computing. Throughout 2016 and beyond we’ll see many organisations maturing their approach to security - accepting that the old approaches won't work.

2016 will be an interesting year for online marketers and we are all looking forward to it.




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