What is Mobile Optimisation?

Not only are mobile page load times important to user experience but one of the signals used by Googles’ algorithm to rank pages. Search engines have an allocated crawl time per website, delivering slow loading pages for indexing will result in fewer pages ranked. 

There are technical things we can do to improve load times, but why not consider your users on the move – simply your content to complement their perceived tasks. 

What is Mobile Optimisation?

Mobile is set to continue in its amazing growth, we see close to 50/50 split in mobile v desktop browsing – in some cases more mobile than desktop. 

Mobile optimisation is about looking the different requirements of users on the move and particularly page load speed. 

Users on the move have different objectives, typically they want information quick and in digestible chunks. So it’s important to make sure your visitors are getting a great experience across all your platforms. 

Page load speeds.

Hardware and connectivity challenges make it even more important to focus on page loading speed. We can optimise images, minify code and maximise browser caching. But our view is to focus thinking on the priority of content. Display only relevant content for specific journeys through your site, refined so users access it easily with finger and thumb friendly navigation and predicable screen layouts. 

Local searches. 

If your organisation has a particular local focus we can optimise your mobile content for local searches; including standardising name, address, phone number and by adding your city in your site's metadata. 

Take advantage of smart phone functions.

Opportunities are waiting to be exploited - we can take advantage of all the cool functions smart phone deliver; click-to-call, location-based services, cameras and other in built apps. They simply create opportunities to be innovative that desktop websites cannot. 

The experience is what really matters and this is where we can help you.


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