Why PWA’s are the future of both Apps and Websites

As designers and developers we don't think Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are more than just a mobile experience trend, here's why. The technology was outlined by Google in 2015 since then Microsoft and Apple have been moving toward PWA's by integrating the technology into their browsers. 

PWAs are a combination of mobile apps and websites that give you the best of both worlds. The really exciting thing is you can simply add a PWA to your home screen or desktop and it appears and acts just like an app.

Progressive web apps are cost efficient to produce and offer a number of advantages over websites and apps, here are just a few benefits.

Found by search engines.

A Progressive Web App is effectively a website, so it can be optimised for search engines. We understand the latest Google algorithm particularly values PWAs, therefore is more likely to appear in the first search results.

More engagement.

PWAs engage your users with speed of access from either their home screen or desktop. They offer increased engagement because smartphone users put their most essential apps on the home screen making them easy to use. Over 50% of users abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load - PWAs load nearly instantly regardless of the network. 

Fast loading.

PWAs are reliable when it comes to speed with "Service Workers" that enable your PWA to load nearly instantly even if a user has no internet connection. 

Working offline.

"Service Workers" running in the background quickly load your PWA offline from the home screen. Your PWA can still send background updates and push notifications to your users.

Cost efficient.

PWAs help you save costs by; 

  • You eliminate fees charged by app stores.
  • PWAs provide a significant cost saving because they only require one coding platform for both website and app.
  • A PWA is developed for all platforms and all devices.

Simple to update. 

Updates of your progressive web application can be released without any concerns over incompatible platforms or devices because it runs through a standard web browser. Your customers will always have the latest updated version without being prompted to download updates.

Less “installation friction”. 

We know every step a user takes to install an app reduces the number of users - PWAs are installed with just one click to your home screen and desktop that way retaining more of your users. 

Push notifications.

A Push Notification is a small message you receive on your desktop or mobile and can be received even if application closed. Notifications appear on your browser and as badged numbers on the home screen icon. Users can unsubscribe to notifications.

Simply to deploy. 

There's no need to meet complicated app store standards or delays - you can simply download your PWA just when you need ready to receive notifications. 

PWA's coming to the Galaxy Store

Samsung are going to integrate Progressive Web Apps (PWA's) into the Samsung experience, it has decided to start adding Progressive Web Apps to the Galaxy Store along with conventional apps. They have been prioritising PWA's for its Samsung Internet web browser, simply because of the friction-less install where users can install them using a single tap.

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