Monday 15 January 2018

Content Marketing: A Glossary of Terms

Content Marketing: A Glossary of Terms

Here are some content marketing terms you need to know when talking the talk. This list is not exhaustive but a starting point and we will be adding to it as time goes by - enjoy.



Making use of analytics is the only way you'll have an idea of which of your content is delivering for you and which is not.



Blogging is a core component any content marketing strategy, it will driving traffic, bring quality leads and establish you as a thought leader. Your blog should be built from a foundation of topics and keywords that you've discovered are important to your audience.

Buyer Persona

Through the creation of fictional customers we can define your target audience their needs and motivations. Any project will benefit from scenario planning and creating personas, they make it easier to focus on your customers by being reminded of who they are. Learn more here about personas.


Calls to Action - CTA

Calls to action are critical element of your Content Marketing Strategy – not all content needs a CTA but they will help new visitors engage more deeply with you, funnel visitors towards your various goals and convert them.

Click Through Rate - CTR

The Click through rate CTR is a method which helps you define your content based on its popularity and shows how engaged readers are.

Conversion Rate

Using your analytics package you can work out how well your content is converting visitors into leads.

Crowd Sourced Content

Crowdsourcing is the process of obtaining content by soliciting contributions from large groups of self-identified volunteers and online communities. Each contributor, acting on their own initiative, adds a small contribution that combines with those of others to achieve a greater result.


Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is a method of displaying different content based on the interests or past behaviour of the viewer.


Editorial Calendar

An editorial calendar is your content creation plan – it will show you specific content based on your known persona and how often it’s published.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content provides ongoing traffic to an item of content which does not really age.

Experimental Content

This type of content provides an opportunity for experimentation; it can be made up of many formats and is designed to increase traffic from unexpected sources and increased your brand awareness outside of your normal customer base.



Try and find different ways to deliver your targeted content. We all like to view video, infographics, FAQ’s or slide shares. Try different formats and find out which works the best for your users.



The hashtag use began with Twitter but has extended to other social media platforms. Hashtags are a method for you and your audiences to interact with each other about your content.


Inbound Link

If you are discovering lots of inbound links on your analytics you know your content is good. An inbound links are links from other websites to content you have posted. It's also very helpful for SEO.


Bloggers and online editors who are seen as an authority are known as influencers. If you know who these people are you might try pushing information towards then or even co-creating content to assist with your own authority.


We previously discussed trying different formats of content, an infographic is a great example and is currently very popular among audiences. An infographic will illustrate complexity in a very refined visual way.


Keyword or keyword phrase

A keyword or keyword phrase is what your potential users type into their favourite search engine – its how unaware users find your brand. The right keywords are important for so searches will reveal your content to your intended audiences.


Landing Pages

A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on and there is two basic types. A Click Through Landing Page have the goal of funnelling your visitors to another page. A Lead Generation Landing Page is used to capture your target audience data, such as a name and email address.

Lifecycle Stages

Lifecycle stages are broken down into three stages: awareness, evaluation, and purchase. It’s important to select your content based on each of these stages.



Newsjacking is all about gaining a higher profile by capitalising on a popular industry related news items. Cover it with your own content which is helpful and relevant. Google will reward your website if your cover news quickly by bumping up your placement in search results.



Personalisation means creating content with your persona and their lifecycle stage in mind – it has other meanings in web development.



There is ever bigger need to ensure that your content is valuable for your intended audiences. Take time and create high quality information, your readers will come back and share even it with their network.


Social Optimisation

Make it very easy for audiences to share your content with by adding social share icons to your content pages.


Visual Content

Creating content in a variety of formats help make your content interesting. Visual content done right do not only make it easier to understand complex information and boost website traffic.




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15 January 2018

Content Marketing: A Glossary of Terms

Here are some content marketing terms you need to know when talking the talk.

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Content Marketing Essentials

Content Marketing - essentials, tips on how to make an impact in just 30 minutes a day.

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Engaging audiences with Video – a new platform

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Mobile screen limitations present opportunities.

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National Youth Theatre appoint Web

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Web's innovative Facebook ticket sales application

Working with The Lowry's marketing team Web launched an innovative Facebook platform which allows users to book theatre tickets via their social media website on Facebook.

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18 October 2011

New logo and website

We are pleased to announce we have a new logo and website. For a long time now when people speak of us they refer to us as "Web" so we thought, let’s keep it that way!

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