Big Data

What is it?

In order to help the curious bug which was running around my mind I attended Scot-Tech  Conference held at Dynamic Earth on the 9th December in Edinburgh.

Searching Google brings up a number of statements on what it is.

Here’s just a few snippet of what I came away with, and these are only my thoughts.

  • BIG DATA is a hugely general term  and can mean many things to many people within varying organisations.
  • BIG DATA is OUR own personal data of all description. Health, financial, business and personal. If you engage online your data will be utilised in a number of ways and if you didn’t spend a lengthy amount of time reading the T’s & C’s then organisations will use it in the way they have stated in the tiny text.
  • Money! Money is a huge driver for most organisations, if not all, utilising BIG DATA – public and private! Banks, Social Media, Medical, Technology and further.
  • In different sectors where the economy has been particularly unkind they are transforming themselves into technology companies and buying up companies who can assist their growth going forward using BIG DATA.
  • Privacy is a huge concern. The rules and regulations change constantly and new laws are required to help this but it is not going to stop, BIG DATA is going to be collated. It is how you do it, how you store it and what you do with it.
  • We can all make benefits by using data where customer service is concerned. Sometimes I feel that the customer is not being heard! Without our customers there is no business. We have to listen to them and talk to them.

Some fascinating information about how organisation use Big Data to deliver what we require to go about our lives. The Met office being one!  The weather bomb! Have they got it right? Certainly looking out my window they have.

Finally, I came across this article at The Guardian, Creepy Secrets by Ben Goldacre . A great peice and there is more on Ben at the link. 

*(these are my own personal snippets from my own personal mind and no one else’s!) 


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